Front Header Pipes Needed

I am in need of a set of front header pipes. To cut a long story short,
what I thought I was buying was a full sports exhaust system, what I got was one minus the header pipes.

I have the rear set but I’m having trouble finding a front set, so if anyone has any spare they want to sell I would be very grateful!

Does stuff like this happen to everyone or is it just me? I think I’m starting to get a complex!![xx(]

Wow, they look brand new! Who made(makes)those? For front pipes you need an old knackered collector box(should be plenty of rusty boxes around), cos the front stainless down pipes were welded into the mild steel collector box to make one piece by those clever people at Honda! I can only suggest you trawl through the breakers yards and get a cheap rusty box from there. Then you can cut the stainless downpipes off and chuck the rest away!
Good hunting.

They’re made by Tranzac $600 AU

I was hoping to find someone here who has a set with an old stuffed collector, but will start the ‘ring around’ tomorrow.
There are a couple with good collectors on Ebay, but I don’t really want to buy a good one just to hack the header pipes off!

Tranzac have been making these for quite a few years and are designed to replace the old rusted out collector but still using the ‘good’ stainless header pipes, but I didn’t find that out until they arrived!

I have some good headers on an a rusty collector.How quick do you need them as i want to use them as a pattern to get some complete stainless pipe/collectors made.


Hi Alan,

Sounds perfect! I’m not in any real hurry, probably wont need them for a couple of months, just wanted to make sure I could get hold of some, so if that fits in with your plans it would be great.

Hopefully the sports system will work OK, the old set were a different style with the two rears running out to the right and the two fronts out the left, no crossover between them. They were rusted out fairly badly and as loud as hell!


Hi Tony,I take it that this system is still in production?If so it my well be the answer that most VF owners in Europe never mind the Uk are looking for.You dont happen to know if the also produce a 4into1 header?Regards BIF

Hi Bif, Yes the system is newly made and still available, I bought it through another guy who has a bike wreckers, but I’m sure it is available direct from the manufacturer - Tranzac - they have contact details on their website listed on the other post
I’m not sure if they make a 4-1 system or not.

I believe Jamie Daugherty in the US is making a bending jig to make a 4-1 but it still has a bit to go on it. He’s a very knowledgeable chap and would no doubt enjoy a chat with you on the subject!

I did find another guy here who manufactures a full race system for the VF but the LHS can sits high up on the LHS near the seat and the price tag of $1500 scared me off!

I think the other sets that Crooky is talking about are some he is getting made in the UK.


I had 4 to 1 in my VF750 S, and it made one of nastiest sound a motorbike can product. I would put my pennies to Crooky’s way.

Hey Planty, do you still have the old rusted out headers?


I only have a spare set of rear header pipes, no front ones though.

Hi Rogue Racing
I have a pair of good front headers off an “R” on a rusty collector if they are any good to you. Think the headers were all the same, just the angle of the outlet pipes on the collector were different between the R and the F. Not sure what postage cost would be tho’ as I am in Spain.

G,day Planty
I have built my own exhaust system for my bike made out of stainless steel a 4 into 2 using the original front and rear headers . Mine is made using 90 degree bends , the rear left cylinder and front left cylinder running out one side and the same on the right side . But no cross over pipe.
On mine the main pipes are the ones coming from the rear cylinders with the front joining into them , on yours the main pipes are the coming from the front with the rear joining into them , how do you reckon yours will flow and will heat be a problem by using tees instead of bends.
Also i have modified the mufflers by cutting them in haif and gutting them ,then reweided them with 2 discs in each that i bolt in a removeable baffle with exhaust packing wrapped around it . Its loud (but not too loud) but also deep sounding.
I have finally got mine up and running it is registered i ridden it a few times only about 20 minutes each time , people are not wrong when they say these things pull like trains.
I will try to post some pictures of it this weekend including my exhaust so you can see what i’m talking about.

Cheers Bluey !