Front wheel spindle nuts

Learned collective,

A screeching noise has manifested itself from the front end. Process of elimination fault finding has narrowed it down to either the speedo gearbox or a wheel bearing.

Bearings tend to moan before they screech; the wheel turns freely by hand with no noise, lateral play or other signs of distress, so I’m putting my money on the gearbox.

No problem. I have a serviceable spare.

The wheel is out.

Now to the issue. I can’t shift the spindle nuts. Even with one side clamped in the vice with metal blocks in the spanner grooves, and a ring spanner plus extension bar on the other side isn’t shifting it.

I suspect that they’ve corroded together.

Any ideas regarding undoing them, short of biting the bullet and hacksawing through the spindle, putting it back together with replacement parts?


Heat is the best bet.I use a heat gun rather than a blow torch or gas bottles,in the vice with the wheel horizontal and the spindle vertical heat around the hex that the spanner fits on.Get it good and hot then fill the hollow end with penetrating fluid.It should smoke like mad if it’s hot enough then get the spanner on,hook a larger ring spanner onto the open end of your 22mm spanner for extra leverage

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Just as Bif, I use heat plus WD 40 by the gallon but I add a little aid from an air impact wrench …

Well, after much heat, penetrating oil big hammers and extension bars, the spindle nut resolutely refused to budge.

It was therefore time to put finesse to one side and resort to general engineering (aka dockyard) techniques.

It’s off now.20210414_170022

I also found the reason why the right hand fork always seemed to be wet around the axle cap. I got three full turns on the lock bolt that secures the slider to the innards.

Now leak free.

Finally, it’s ready for the road.


I went for a decent shakedown ride today. All is good post the Antipodean débacle and axle nut hassle.

The speedo gearbox is packed with grease, but the screeching noise started again after about ten minutes.

I think a speedo overhaul is called for.