FS Honda VF1000F2 Silver Fairings

Here are silver fairings I got from a 1986 VF1000F2. I also have the tank but it is rusty! And has a small dent on it aswell. I also have the silver front fender which is not in the pictures and two big side pieces painted in black.

Some other things I also have for sale if someone is interested. I have accumulated quite a bit of stuff.

  • Gauges,
  • Switches,
  • Carburetors (need to be rebuilt but the bike was starting on them)
  • Seat,
  • Twin headlight,
  • Camshafts,
  • Two engines in bits and pieces (F1 and F2)
  • F1 front and rear suspension

Please check the pictures carefully, I can snap some more if you require.

IMG_20190913_180418 (Large) IMG_20190913_180425 (Large) IMG_20190913_180428 (Large) IMG_20190913_180431 (Large) IMG_20190913_180439 (Large) IMG_20190913_180450 (Large) IMG_20190913_180509 (Large) IMG_20190918_152826 (Large)

Hi do you have the right hand fairing storage box with lid?

Hi Pablo, do you have gauges for 84fe?thanks Tony

I have the right hand storage box but the lid is broken off and missing. I can snap some pics if you are still interested.

I only have F2 gauges for sale.

Thanks Pablo I have one with a missing lid to