Fuel consumption

Recently I did some testing of the fuel consumption on my VF1000FF since it seemed to be using lots of fuel.
What I discovered surprised me, 18.4 mpg or 15.33l/100km while cruising sedately at 110kph on the highway.
I mentioned this in another post but I have started this topic so that I don’t to hijack the original topic.

So, what kind of fuel consumption are you guys experiencing?

If you could list in MPG or L/100km would be great, telling me it cost $xxx to fill means nothing without the quantity of fuel as the cost of fuel varies wildly around the world.

vf1000.24 has it so far with a meagre 7.88l/100kms, can anyone better that while having fun?

So far I am at the very (with only two on the list at this time ::)) bottom of the list at 15.33l/100kms, is anyone returning worse than that?

Looking forward to your responses, Tony

hi tony,
that is one thirsty vf… Years ago, when i first got the vf it was doing about 36 MPG… (7.8L per 100km), that was a daily thrash to work 20 miles motorway and about 10 miles A roads each way,
i recently checked the fuel consumption after a 200 mile ride out, and it returned figures of 49 MPG… (5.8L per 100KM), admittedly i haven’t really thrashed the bike since the re-build, the carbs have been cleaned and balanced since then, and a new air filter… to be honest 49 MPG sounds a hell of a lot for a vf though…will check again soon, as the vf will be getting taxed at end of month.

converting MPG to L/100Km

At cruising speeds my F2 uses about 6,5 litres/100 km. In town a bit more, but seldom over 7,5.

Very encouraging figures that I can only envy at the moment, but great to know that they should achieve those numbers.
Now I just need to work out why…?

I will average 35mpg on the back roads however I have gotten as high as 53mpg on open highway rides. My vf1kf is fairly stock except for headers, UNI filter and running 15w40 oil. I am happy with those numbers since my old cb400f got around 30mpg.

That’s quite good Jason, is that high octane fuel or 91 unleaded?

My 85 VF1000RF got 10 litres per 100km - 10km litre before the strip down for rebuild. 28.4 mpg (imperial gallons).

Wow, that really killed the conversation.

These days, with a strong facing gale and at a near steady 6500 rpm on the motorway, my VF/G managed a comfortable 8.1L/100km… Not that bad but even when I ride her cool on small country lanes, she keeps drinking hard at 6.8L/100km.

Please can you convert it from German to English so the rest of us can understand
MPG (UK gallon) :slight_smile:

Hi, Windy,
8.1L/100km = 30 MPUSG= 34 MPG (imp)

6.8l/100km = 35 MPUSG =42 MPG (imp)

So in Us gallons that makes it about 50mpg in the UK
which is good if you don’t open it up then it drops to 20mpg :slight_smile: