Fuel Filler Cap

Hi all,

Got a leaky fuel cap on my 1985 VF1000FF. I’d like to keep it as it matches with the keys for the seat and ignition. Is there a rebuild kit out there or is it hunt for a second hand job?

All the best and enjoy the weather!


mine does that.
I just don’t fill to the top and it’s fine.
Not to say you shouldn’t fix it but in the mean time!….

Hi have a look at this post


Mine also has some evidence of leaks, more vapour than fuel mind

At the moment I’m not filling mine to the brim, otherwise the moment you stick it on the side stand it dumps it down the side of the bike. My worry is if I get caught riding in the rain it will allow water into the fuel. I’ll have a look at the Chinese filler caps and see if the seal will work for that. Thanks for the advice. :+1:t2:.