Fuel is leaking from the fuel selector, and I have taken off the front control but cant see where its leaking from
can anyone shine a light on where the leak might be from and what I can do to fix it …

number is 07909848727 Ta

Hi Radical,

By ‘fuel selector’, do you mean the fuel tap on the tank?
Can you post a photo?

YES THE FUEL TAP ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE there is a drip of fuel and I dont know what is behind the tap of where the fuel could get through from is there an oil seal of some kind or it the actual fuel valve itself going to be leaking .
I cant put a photo up just at the moment sorry

Hi Rad
There’s a Mickey Mouse shape O ring behind the selector, could be the problem. My tap wasn’t closing properly, fuel still passing when in the off position so replaced the lot, the O ring was very brittle so grab another before you pull the tap off.

THANKS FOR THE INFO but i cant find anywhere that has an o ring for the fuel tank , if anyone knows where i can get one will you let me know please

The O ring is actually called “packing F” (mickey mouse O ring is better I reckon)


This is the whole tap and “packing F”



Just going through the same issue.

Bought the Micky Mouse o-ring, but the leak persisted. While looking at it today, it appears that the leak is coming from the petcock assembly itself, right around the center shaft.

Both parts can be found at bikebandit.com. I think the o-ring was $5, and the petcock assembly was $43. Shipping varies.

My petcock assy will be here in 5 days or so.

thanks guys will get one ordered this week