Fuel level sender

Evening, has anybody got a fuel level sender for sale as mine is a tad rusty!

gday Phil
Ive had success restoring a rusty sender unit of another bike by
spraying it with oven cleaner leaving it stand for 3 or 4 mins and submersing it in
water for another 5min the water will dillute the oven cleaner and should not eat away
the part(but keep an eye on it). then submerge/rinse it thoroughly in clean water
dry it with air and leave it in the hot sun or on a warm heater to get it total dry.
no guarantee.but it has worked for me before.

cheers groov


gday Phil
On closer inspection of your picture,
it does look beyond saving.
sorry im a bit blind mate.
regards groov.

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I will more than likely have one Phil but can’t check until I get back to the UK.
If you find one first just let me know

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I’ve sent you a pm Phil

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