fuel line/filter sizes.

Been looking at my ff and wondering why honda decided to increase the size of the fuel lines and fuel filter, were there any known problems with fueling on the fe… it seems a strange thing to do especially since the ff has smaller main jets than the fe anyway,
as i dont have a ff petrol tank to look at, can anyone tell me, is the petrol tank outlet bigger on the ff than the fe ?

Nothing to compare size with pete but I do know that the fuel filter is bigger and ovoid on the ff , after market will not fit but if I remember right the filter feed and exit pipes were smaller diameter than the after market one I first got.

Hi Pete,
the outlets have the same diameter and they went to a special ruber hose with a larger diameter on one side to match the larger pump, filter and carb hoses… I guess they just did this to piss us off thirty years later as this minds a lot of bodging when you’ve to mix parts! ;D

By the way,the special double diameter hose is,of course,unaviable and there is no real substitute as it needs to have a 120 radius.I did the trick with a 7" piece of rubber hose and a rigid adaptator (8 to 10 mm) from a local automotive parts supplier.

thanks roger/ fred,

I will probably have to renew all of the petrol pipe as the old has gone that hard the clips wont seal it properly, so looks like a bit of creative plumbing and a mixture of 8mm and 10mm pipe where necessary, will pick up the largest fuel filter available and a 8 to 10mm reducer from local car spares shop,

many thanks