Fuel line T to Carbs. Where to buy?

Hey Guys been cleaning my Carbs and have a broken fuel line t bar that feed fuel to the carbs. Anyone know where I can buy one. It’s for my 4
84 vf1000f. Thanks guys15787704533794313543178311166381

Hi bud, there are full sets on eBay and they are stainless or alloy, can’t remember which, also the odd nos part comes up now and then, cheers

Thanks for the response T. Would happen to have a link. I have searched ebay and am not coming up with anything. Could be because I dont know part number or proper name.

Hi G, sent a link in a new thread, cheers

Hey T do you have that link. I cant find it

Hi giver26, just sent the link

Hi did you find the pipe you were looking for?
I found a new old stock part for sale on eBay 383591141970 for £25 +p&p.
Regards Hugh

You can source new parts from Partzilla.com or Discounthondaparts.com


Hey Hugh, no im still looking can you send me the link?

Try this: Honda 16026-MB0-671 - JOINT SET A FUEL | eBay