fuel pump needed

hi there!

I would need a fuel pump for a vf1000 F 1985 (84 is the same)
and like you probably know it, this is an obsolete part.

if someone have an original one or something else I could fit on, I
will apreciate

Thank you

Are you sure, that it is the pump and not the cut-off relay ? If it is the pump, I have fixed the pump by changing the points, about 20 euros in Wemoto.com. A link to my fix there: http://wiki.sabmagfaq.org/FuelSystem/ReplacementContacts

Hi, I also thought my fuel pump and relay had gone, the bike shut down as if no fuel, pump would not work, checked and cleaned points on pump, bought new relay from Honda £80, turned out to be a pulse generator, the bike ran fine till I did around four or five miles and the engine warmed up to a certain temperature, at which point the pulse generator failed, the cdi unit then shuts down the fuel supply.

I removed the pump and put it on 12 volt directly and the comutator
did’nt switch one time

I can tell you the little contacts are black and brokens so I realy need a new original pump or something else

thank you for your replies!

Many have used US made solid state Facet pump Model # 40105 as a replacement, some hand work needed though. I would still suggest to replace the points as in this video: http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/Honda/CBR_600_FY/00/picture/Fuel_Pump_Repair_Kit_-_Point_Switch/ or get an almost original type pump used in Africa Twins, CBR600F3’s and many other Honda, in some Yamahas and Kawasakis too. Only difference is the direction of inlet and outlet pipes as long as the size of the bike/fuel consumption is about same.

Thank you dnapekko, changing the points is the right solution for me, I did’nt know it could be sold as a separate part

problem solved [:D]
Good season on VF1000 guys!