fuel pump/relay

just got my vf1000 fe back together although it runs fine it seems to take ages to start it which led me to carry out some tests. ive noticed that the fuel pump doest run… tested the pump with direct current and its fine and i have power to the relay does this mean the relay is u/s??? should it run all the time??? can i test the relay??? please any help… thanks

The fuel pump will only run when either the engine is cranking over or running as the fuel pump relay is switched by one of the spark units.

You will probably need to disconnect a fuel line from the carby and see if it will pump fuel when you are cranking the engine. You can also bypass the fuel relay by jumping the black and white wires on the relay plug (fuel pump will then run whenever the ignition is on) - see section 4-18 and 21-9 in the service manual for more info on that.


many thanks for the advice[:D]