Fuel Pump

I have a dead 1984 VF1000F Interceptor. Was running just fine a few days back when it died. It is the fuel pump. Part number is 19700-MB6-005 or replacement 1748425. Can not find either. With the limited space, I am having proglems finding a substitute. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Love the bike, but getting tired of the problems of finding parts.

If you have any suggestions, please email. JasPMoody@centurytel.net.


Jim Moody

Is that an electric problem or rubber diaphgram problem ? I opened the pump of my F2, and filed the points, now it works again. Actually, there are several possibilities for failure: The defective fuel pump relay, missing pule from CDI, loose connector(s), pump points and finally the rubber diaphgram. On US forum people have used Delco EP12S, os similar Carter P60504, which goes in without very big modifications.

My fuel pump on my 1984 VF 1000 F Interceptor died last summer and I bought a in line universal fuel pump. It delivers 1,5 liters per minute and is 2-4 psi. It works great no problem after 5000km.
I replaced my burned fuel pump relay with universal one like I read about on this side and it also is good.
Hope this helps

Gunnar Már

When you put the universal fuel pump in.
Did you hook it up to the stock fuel pump wiring?
I have a Carter pump and it says do not hook up to ignition coils
so i dont know what to do.

I just put it in the original plug, but I have already updated my fuel pump relay with another one. That one puts the electric on when I put the ignition switch on and it stays on until I turn the ignition switch off or use the on off button on my right hand.

Have a good one