Fuel Tap issues

I had not started my VF for nearly 3 months due to commence the paint resto but i wanted to start the bike before i started to strip them parts. But she didnt start for a whole week of cranking and finally it did in what seemed to be a blowback. with a lot of carbon sprinkled out through the mufflers in granules and i also notice that the intake manifolds were leaking petrol.

Soon, i tried again yesterday and she started i took it for a ride and the fuel tap seems to work only in the OFF position and when i turn it to RES or FULL she slowly stalls.

Did the incessant cranking for a week flood the carbs and also ruined the Fuel Tap??

Please help!!

Hi revhappy,

It sound like the fuel tap may have been the problem from the start, it’s possible that the tap is full of gunk and is allowing fuel to travel where it shouldn’t!

You may want to carefully remove the tap from the tank and give it a good clean,check that the rubber seals are OK, once you have the tap off blow some air back into the tank itself through the outlets (or some carby cleaner) as there is a strainer in there that can block up.

Other things to check;

  1. Replace old fuel with fresh.
  2. Fuel line filter
  3. Fuel pump/lines
  4. Plugs - should be OK if it’s running now, but might be worth
  5. Air filter
  6. Rubber carby intake boots may need renewing if they are hard and
    not sealing properly
  7. If you are stripping the bike, get the carbys cleaned/overhauled
    as they probably have gunk in them.

The backfire is due to unburnt fuel in the exhaust burning when the bike finally kicked over, so may have been starving initially then flooding,hard to say really.

I’m not sure what fuel quality is like in India but three month old fuel here in Australia is junk so may also be causing problems.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a bunch Tony. Since she has started i will go over with the checks and strip the bike apart for paint. I shouldnt have in the first place kept her without starting for over 3 months, i usually start her once a week or two. Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

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