Fuel Tap leaking and no end!

Hi there!
The fuel tap on my 1kR is always full of surprises! Recently it has been leaking when it is set to reserve, but not in the ON and Off position!
I had already replaced the seal last year, do you have any idea whether it can be assembled incorrectly so that this phenomenon occurs?
In principle, I am of course capable of assembling everything incorrectly, that’s for sure!

Best wishes

Hi Joe - I have had this before (have several VF’s) even when I have replaced the oring that sits between the tap and tank. I have had success with getting a tap kit repair made by ‘All Balls’. Before that I just bought a new one from CMSL - the price is not a lot of difference so it may just be postage that determines it. Hope that helps.

I guess you have to replace the inner rubber part …

Honda VF1000RE/F/G 84-86 SC16 Fuel tap internal seal kit (nrp-carbs.co.uk) if you need also carb parts

All you need is there. Most tricky part is to drill to the housing. Don’t make it “free hand”. You will need to cut a M3 thread.

Check out the thread “fuel tap overhaul”