Fuel Tap leaking

Hi guys!
After my fuel tank had spent winter dry in the attic, the fuel tap is now leaking when in the “ON” and “RES” position. There´s no leaking when shut.
Before I order the complete package; from your experience: Is it more likely that only the triple O-ring ( that Mickey Mouse thing) is defective rather than the fuel tap itself?
For the saved money i can probably buy 1 or 2 litres of petrol…sigh…

Best regards

Hi joe,
Yes it’s more than likely the micky mouse o ring…

Thanks Pete!
By the way, does anybody know what it looks like inside the tank?
Are there metal tubes inside, such as the outlet tube? Maybe someone had opened a tank once and even had photos of it.
I find that I still have a lot of petrol in the tank, even though nothing comes out in the reserve position, as if the tap point is too high. However, I only noticed this recently, so maybe it’s normal…
Best regards

Hi Joe, yes there is steel fuel lines inside the tank, the main tank outlet is central in the tank, about an inch up off the bottom, the reserve is tucked down the side near the fuel tap, you will still have fuel in the tank even after emptying from the reserve position…