Full effect /reduced effect

I have a VF1000R which I imported to Norway from the UK. she speedomter has km-scale, and therefore I think its origin is Germany, where the bikes usually where limited to 100Hps. How can I find out if my bike is a limited version, and how did they actually limit it technically?

Hi Johnny,
The big giveaway on 100ps models is to be found under the chrome cover on the top of the carbs.
Undo the four screws and a spring will push the cover up.If there is a round spacer sticking up above the ring that holds the diaphram onto the slide you have a restricted model.
The jetting of the carbs along with restricting the travel of the slide reduces the total bhp.
UK spec parts will give you a full power bike.Teambif may well have the parts if yours is an RE.
regards BIF