G/box parts compatibility.

Can bif or anyone help with this question. I know early gearbox parts are the same between 1000FE and the 750, but I have found a new M4 gear which is listed as being for the VF1000FE by the retailer, but the part number does not match. It is 23471-MJ4-000. Can anyone shed any light on this?[?]

Should have said that the VF1000FE part number is almost the same apart from MB6 in place of MJ4, and they look similar even to the number of teeth/dogs.

The part number is good,fourth gear on the mainshaft is common across the range and like some other parts in the gearbox has an MJ4 identity it maywell be a superceed.Regards BIF

Cheers bif! I was hoping you were gonna say that!!! Many thanks!