Garage Clearance


The time has come to clear out my garage before building work commences. I have two rolling VF1000s that must go. I am reluctant to scrap them but they must go. They are for free. I will hold on to them until the end of October . After that…


hi murf where are you located, i’m sure somebody will help you.



Hello Murf. If you’re not over 350 miles away fom Essex I can sort a man and a van in the next ten days to collect .My vf1000 is likely to need parts that can’t be sourced. Please advise your location and hopefully I can help you get more room in your garage !


Are you in Aus? If so, where? I’m in Newcastle and will take them if you’re not too far away


Murf is located in the Republic of Ireland, about 1 hour 20 minutes north west of Dublin.

I got some bracketry and panels from him for my FF and I can confidently say a sounder chap you’ll not meet.

He is extremely knowledgeable, a skilled restorer and a genuinely nice bloke.

Unfortunately, I currently have N+1 bikes, where N is already one too many.

Hi Murf! [waves]