gascap lock broken, alternative for vf1000

i have had to drill the lock out, it was getting harder and harder to get it open with the key untill it didnt go at all.
i wonder wat the alternative would be,
i cant find a gas cap for a decent price. vf1000 parts aren’t easy to find local or expensive.
does anybody have the part number or knows wat other honda used the same gas cap.
most of them sell all the locks together witch make it more expensive, a gas cap without a key lock would be fine to.
aftermarket part mabye ??
i have another one, sits on a spare tank, but unfortunatly i have no key for that one, unknown history also. any solution for that?

I don’t know of another fuel cap that fits the VF,If you have a spare on another tank is it unlocked?
If not a good locksmith should be able to help,just remember to press the cap down as it’s being unlocked
If your spare is open,unscrew from the tank and the key number is on the underside of the fixing bracket
Regards Bif

Hi trabbart…

The vf750f and the cbx750fe used the same fuel filler cap as the vf1000… There is one tatty cbx750fe cap on eBay at the moment… you can also get an aftermarket one from Japan/ China brand new for about £15, it doesn’t look exactly the same but may do untill an original turns up…