Gaskets 1986 VF1000R

I’m in need of both valve cover gaskets for a 1986 VF1000R…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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ebay has lots cover gaskets and complete engine gasket kits.

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But be aware 86 (and 85) are different to 84. Most seller didn’t know about that …

You need the ones with additional half cycles on. A lot of them are without and won’t fit.

Wemoto can supply these but Faxe is right,best to phone and confirm you have the correct items rather than just using the on line order form

Are these the correct gaskets?

No those rocker gaskets are both for the early narrow heads (FE/RE)

GASKET,HEAD COVER (NAS) for VF1000R 1986 (G) - order at CMSNL

Here you see it.

Thank you for the picture as it clearly shows the 1/2 moons that are required. The mfg in your message says out of stock and Athena doesn’t make them

The gaskets are pretty tough, unless you have torn or broken them, they will work with a good clean, and the sealant of your choice just for security?

Just picked 2 of them up this week, original Honda in original packing. Part no. 12391-MB6-680. Ask fo Jarno and tell him he arranged 2 of these this week, he will remember. No doubt they will ship. Not cheap though, costed me around 119 euro incl. Vat, excl shipping as I picked them up myself.

Thank you, Do you have the phone number as I don’t see it on the website or better yet his email?

Thank you , Contact - Japarts B.V. NL,
+31 117 455 413

Again, mention he arranged and delivered them this week as indeed Honda does not produce them anymore, but for me he found a source to get these original parts. Good luck.

Hey Speedy, what about head gaskets? Do they have to be new every time the heads come off?

Yes, way too critical of a location to even attempt reusing

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Yep, new every time. They depend on the crush of the metal rings to form the seal of each cylinder. Even if the gasket appeared useable, the head would have to be over tensioned to get the crush rings to seal.