Gastank VF1000F 85

Hello guys gastank needed just not demaged and no rust please.Thanks

Which model and year?

VF 1000F interceptor it is 1985.

Maybe wait for Pics to see if it is F or F2 …

Check out:

in German it is also Tank. If you find something and the seller doesn’t speak english, I can help.

You can search for “Honda motorrad teile gebraucht” and you get links to used bike parts seller in Germany. Or use


It is definitely model F.

Two tanks used on the F models,the FE has a 6mm outlet to the fuel pump and the FF has an 8mm one.
FF models had blue or red on the top of the tank and silver on the sides so visually different from the FE too.
I may be able to help depending on which one you need
regards Bif

I have a 1984 vf 1000f interceptor gas tank, & used fuel valve, on Craigs list selling 4 $50 dollars it has a liner installed by a local radiator shop, the gas i removed from the tank was clean. it has several small dings & the stripes & name r gone from 1 side. no gas cap or fuel level sender or valve hardware. Larry 415-299-3719, pictures on Craig List ad. San Francisco area.