Gauge needles broken

Hello all,
I have just picked up an 84’ VF1000f here in Australia. All of my gauges have broken needles and looks like from searching on here that everyone just buys a second hand cluster and swaps the needles over. I dont fancy spending several hundred dollars just for the needles. Does anyone have a link or info on some aftermarket gaige needles that will work?


Where are you in Australia?

Hey mate, im located on the Gold Coast

What colour do you need? I’ve got an Australian spec speedo in yellow you can have for Au$25 plus the cost of postage from the UK if that helps?

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Mine were red. I’ve ordered a couple different ones from Ali express. Will see how they go. In the mean time made my own using some hard plastic and super glue

Shouldn’t be difficult to reproduce for someone with a resin 3D printer. I have an FDM printer but they wouldn’t produce the surface finish quality needed for a gauge needle.

I assume the speedo/tacho work OK.

Just in case, be warned that the reason needles often break is because there’s a resistive spring in the clocks and if that fails the needle spins around the face of the dial into the little pin stop and that’s what causes them to break.

Didn’t want you to put new ones in only for it to happen again…

@Tarlo, I’m following this post to see how you get on, I have one spare FF set, and one R set of instruments which need new needles. Yellow, and red.
@GDJ916 I reckon it’s the UV that’s so hard on them here in Oz and causes them to get brittle and break? Or if the speedo drive unit is dodgy, it will cause them to flick against the pin stop also.