gear rack

Hi, I’ve just become the proud owner of a 1984 VF1000F & am chasing a gear rack

Welcome shifty, what part of the planet are you on?

Perth, Western Australia and yourself

Michelago, NSW Australia, half hour south of Canberra.

In the Uk it took 3 years to find one for £25.00 plus postage,I still feel that I stole it today 8)

I have a spare Gearsack rack, but I fear postage from me to you (3,880kms) would be prohibitive.
However I don’t have the brackets to fit it to a VF1000f though I doubt they would be hard to fabricate, have you tried local motorcycle wreckers?

Yea tried my local bike stores ebay local classifieds, the search continues I guess :slight_smile:

Hi Shifty, and welcome.
i have a spare with brackets etc you could have for $100.00 + postage but will have to box it up and get a postage price for you. Ifd you want it let me know what your post code is so i can get a price for you.

My postcode is 6030, definitely interested but would have to be in the new yr bit sort of cash with xmas an all that. Could you please post a pic of the rack.

Festive season is busy for me too mate so it will not be done today ;D .
I will get some pictures next time i open the shed and will get it off and boxed when i get a chance,
once boxed i can take it down to the post office to get a postage price for you.


sorry it’s been so long but do you still have this rack? I can arrange freight through work if you can let me know the dimensions weight and a pick up address.

my other bike in the USA A Yamaha XJ1100J maxim needed a rack for 5 years
In the end I asked for a rusty one and got one for $75.00 then I chromed it for $240.00

If your desperate enough you can get them but it takes hard work and money and time :slight_smile: