Gearbox removal

Hi all, looks like i need to remove the [:(!] gearbox and replace the gearshift drum, hopefully thats the only thing damaged. just wondering if anyone has done this and how long it took them.[?] Need bike for work so hope it only takes a day max two days. Also anyone know of place to get cheap gaskets in sydney or online?? Local honda dealership wanted both arms and legs.[:)] thanks

Try having a chat to these guys. If they can’t help, they’re a good chance to steer you towards somewhere that can. I’ll have an ask down here sometime this week too. Cheers

Hmm… might help if I post the link in, hey? Sorry!

Champion, thanks mate will pop around to see them hopefully tomorrow. Will be fun to poke around a bit to as i would like to buy a bsa m20 or m21 to restore sometime this year.

It is quite ja job, the engine must be removed etc… Takes easily couple days, depending how stubborn exhaust bolts are. What I have heard, splitting and assembling the engine cases without removing cylinder heads is possible, but not easy. There are gasket kits available in German ebay around 70 Euros.