gel in water pipes

good evening just started rebuild vf1000r took thermostat out there is a soft gel inside and also in some of the pipes how to get rid of engine out on bench should I just back flush it with jet washer
thanks for reading al :frowning:

First off,welcome to the forum rustbucket,a flush through would be my first port of call.
There’s a good chance the rest of the system will need the same treatment too.
Which version of the R do you have?
What kind of work is needing done on it?
Regards Bif

Indeed, what he said, an’ all :slight_smile:

Welcome and tell us all about it.

A few days ago i split a vf1000f and found the same in the waterpipes and the thermostat. The bike has stand a few years in a shed. I think the cooling liquid will turn into the gel when the engine is not running. I will clean everything and rebuild the engine and the bike.