getting rid of all my vf parts due to ill health

Well guys for those of you who know me you will no that i am usually on here quite alot, but to cut a long story short I have become quite ill and can no longer ride my bikes , which as guttered me , and is not a good place to be, but I am selling the lot , there is my vf1000 fe which you guys know, as a slight tap on top end but all cams and lifters are in good knick , but it as done 4000 miles this year then had a water pump failure but is now fully sorted and as done 600 miles since water pump was fixed, there is a half built ff with stainless collector and oil mod fitted, one short ff engine with about 6000 miles only, and loads and loads of spares including 3 frames with log books , a fe engine of unknown quantity, loads of wheels , forks , bodywork, clocks the list goes on and on , i would like to get rid of it in one go, as my health aint brilliant, and to anyone who is interested it will be about two transit vans worth when all loaded, i also have 3 new fe cams to go with it all , i want a grand for the lot to any members on the forum which i think is dirt cheap so please do not haggle, any way guys please get in touch and see if we can sort it
regards Paul

very unhappy to hear the news
best wishes


hi paul,
so sorry to hear that you are unwell, i do hope you manage to sort things out and that in time you will be able to ride again, you will be sorely missed on our vf meets.
anyway,wishing you all the best for the future.


Is it worth all of us breaking this down between us and taking the lot?

I’ve seen Paul’s 1000 in the flesh, it’s a VERY pretty bike.
I’d certainly be interested in the short engine, or the unknown condition engine, possibly a frame, clocks, etc etc.

Also, keeping all of this stuff between the forum members would make more sense would it not?


Hi tassi.
I think that is a sound idea… I’m happy to chip in… I would be happy with a selection of spares and leave the half built ff to some one who fancies finishing it… same with the engines and the fe (I have enough bikes)… I think we have to be organised ,the last thing paul wants is for people to turn up and cherry pick through the stuff… We would all have to turn up on the day, sort through/ share out the stuff then leave…
Anyone else interested ?.

I would be interested Pete
would be interested in the vf1000fe and probably some parts as well

Sorry about your bad news Paul whereabouts you at thinking about taking it all would it all go in a merc sprinter and whereabouts you at for collection

Sorry to hear about that Paul.

Wishing you all the best for in your fight.

DO let us know if you don’t get rid of all of it, as I’d be interested in some Fe tail unit panels.


I think we should do this and i can contribute the majoroty amount to get this started. I’d also need to list some stuff on ebay to get my garden clear so i can store!

I’m thinking of putting in potentially £700-800. I DO not have space to store everything, so would need others involved, so we can all turn up on the same day and clean everything out.

What i’d like dibs on is the FE and at the very least the short engine, or the complete, but unknown condition engine, and enough panels that i can renovate my FF without having to pull it off the road. I think for my contribution, and his expectations that would be fair.

Paul then gets what he needs, and everything is gone in one go.

How about we all list what we can contribute (and what we’d expect) and go from there. If we make more than the £1000, thats just more money in his pocket to help him.

so from me, minimum contribution of £700.

IF anyone is based SE (essex/kent/london) i have a heavy duty two bike trailer i’d use on the day, so i can assist with carriage if needed.

I know Paul is based near Norwich, so thats possibly quite a trek for some of you. If Paul agrees, lets get this done within a month, so he’s clear of all his stuff, and can concentrate on his health.

Also, Paul, if i do take the FE and you get better, you have first dibs on buying it back, least i can do in the circumstances.