Good quality Gasket sets

Any recommendations? Am I best getting original Honda valve seals and aftermarket head gaskets or is there a good quality set available, some on Ebay look rubbish especially the ones with the strange cotton exhaust gaskets.


Hi gary, I’ve used the noboru gasket sets on ebay without any issues, if I was rebuilding an engine again I would try get some original valve stem seals at least, you just dont know how old the gasket sets are.

I had a look in the shed and found half a noburu set, the gaskets look ok but the valve stem seals look flimsy and there is only one head gasket as I used one previously there are some better looking sets on Ebay made in Italy and one set at a good price so I think I’ll go for that and see what its like. David silver has original valve seals at £6.50 each, think I may have to do some overtime!

I had these viton stem seals recommended by a guy who uses them in his race bike,he says they really reduce oil consumption.eBay item 202645642421
I have fitted a set in my most recent build but as it’s not on the road as yet I only have someone else’s word to go on

Bought one made by athena from a German seller on Ebay, turned up today and looks very good quality. Only time will tell! Most sellers want over £150 for the set but this was only £68 delivered.