Got her running but????????

Hi to all, OK just got the fe up and running on all 4 cylinders and no leaking carbs, have now 2 further issues first one being it as packed up charging and the second is I drained the coolant but the bleed on the bottom of the barrel is blocked and I presume crud as built up around the liner does anyone know of a way to flush it to get shot of the crud. Bif i
noticed reg rec as been rewired to battery and stator block as been replaced as it was burnt, any ideas anyone, I also need a screen and reg rec if it as gone tits up if anyone as spare parts please pm am in Norfolk, England

Hi Paul just now seen your post.
John wires all his reg/rec units to earth on the battery,it was a tip on the blackbird forum as a lack of a good earth is the reason for these units failing.
If it’s gone it’s gone and best to replace with new.
I have a link for one I have used after mine failed at Hulme End it was only £13.00
There is a thread on cleaning the cooling system running just now,worth a look.
Out of interest,is it the left drain as you sit on the bike that’s blocked?
I will post the link to the reg/rec asap
Regards Bif

Link sent by text Paul,let me know if you got it ok
Regards Bif

Hi Paul,
Not sure why the reg rec should have gone but check the 30 amp fuse on the new wiring.It is a waterproof inline fuse holder . (might have forgotten to put one in it)

Cheers mate I will check