Got my 1000F back.

Hello…so I sold my 1000F 3 1/2 years ago and I just bought it back from the guy i sold it to. He put 20 miles on it!

Carbs are real dirty but no problem there…I will never sell it again. Once I get the carbs clean and in sync I will be riding it to Malibu canyon here in California…pics will coming.

Great site and I’m happy to be here…

Lovely looking machine, and do I spot 1000R wheels in there too?

Thank you scratcher and yes those are R wheels and rear brake caliper and disk…

Yes very nice… like the seat unit too…

Wow sixdog that’s a great looking machine!

This is a good looking bike, when I got mine it had a single seat cowl on just like this one does, I didn´t like it on my bike but it looks great on this one.

Best to all


Thank you very much gentlemen for the comments. Carbs are really bad but I am almost done. When I get it on the road I will post some pics.

Lovely machine.really looks the biz!