[:o)]i no im just here a short while lol,dont wanna seem like a pain but im wondering were i can get a new set of graphics for my 86 vf1000f, any help appriciated ,also how do i download pics on the site, cheers ken

Hi Ken,
I purchased some new decals online from I must admit that I haven’t installed them all yet as I am waiting to repaint the plastics first. I did install one decal on the windshield and I am happy with the quality and ease of application. They are not too expensive either.

cheers aaron i,ll give the site a visit,thanks again , ken

Originally posted by ken

cheers aaron i,ll give the site a visit,thanks again , ken

Hi from me Ken.

Do a search here ( I’m sorry but it’s October and the nights are drawing in which means I can’t be arsed to search for you.)

However, as I say, do a search or trawl through the posts ( aint that many really) and you should find what you are looking for on top of the info given above re graphics.


Just to let you all know, I have just gone through this exercise, and my VF is an Australian model which is the same as European, The Red/Black/White stripe version.

First bought some from The bloke lives in Malta, I received them and they were nowhere close to original. Sent them back, still haven’t received a refund.

Then bought a set from Mark at CB decals, here is the link to the page.

I received them after a couple of weeks, with the note that they had to make them as they were the first set of that kind to be ordered, which was why they took so long. Checked them and the white stripe was just a gloss white, not a pearl or irredescent white. Sent Mark a couple of pictures and he has emailed back that he will get them right and send a new set. What a surprise, great bloke to deal with and nothing’s too much trouble.

In fact, it’s blokes like him that make you feel a bit spoilt for service, lucky we still have our bloody…er…blessed public servants, bureaucrats and pollies to keep us in our place.

Highly recommended.



I’m just about to order a set for mine, blue and white model, hopefully the white trim will also be correct!