green wire puzzle

I have been sorting out my bikes wiring since the last idiot mechanic that worked on it .
I reattached the 3 generator wires to the rectifier with a £9.47 connector designed for the job and wired up the fuel pump to the correct wires white/black/blue because it has the right handlebar switches on it now,so the headlight turns on now.I can insulate all the other wires but after looking at my Blown up laminated wiring diagram I am not sure if the only spare wire (green) is a frame earth.
any input would be appreciated

There is only one chassis earth nearby,its located on the bolt which holds the breather tank locating bracket under the seat.Worth a check to see if its in place or not.Regards BIF

Red to Red, Black to Black, Blue to bits.

Checked it with my RS Meter to the frame and yep its an earth,so I extended it to the Allen bolt in the picture to the right and crimped a ring connector to it.
I poured a gallon of unleaded into the tank so when I reattached the battery I could see if it starts again but blow me the battery is the wrong one,Who is the best deal for battery’s
I was hoping to start it Today but it will have to wait till I get another battery and a sunny day.
Shit happens but its worth waiting for.


I dont think there was any that it was an earth wire,more of a question of from where.