Greetings from down under (the little one !)

Hi everyone. Just popping in to say hello.
My lovely wife bought me a VF for my 50th so thought I’d stick my head in and learn something useful ;D
Been over here in New Zealand since '95 but originally (and still am) a Yorkshireman. Lived around York / Bridlington area and just been looking at the trips you guys have had round my old stomping grounds.
Only had the bike a few weeks and not had a road bike for about 7 years so gradually getting my head round it. Even coming from a background of big 80’s Suzis, it’s a bit of a bus, but lovely engine.
Unfortunately, we are just coming into our winter, so big trips will have to wait 'til September.

Welcome yorkyfj! But you’re wrong, summer is comming, not winter… on this side, at least! :wink:


Hi Yorkie, can you post some pics of the bike What model is it and what condition ?


Will put a pic up soon as I’ ve read the instructions.
Its a '85 VF1000F, pretty nice condition, even the bodywork is all solid just the left sidepanel as been melted on something. Screen needs replacing as someone as stuck a gastly black thing on. Not a murmer out of the engine which pulls like a train.
Had to fit another headlight to replace the bodged in one that didn’t work and I’m just waiting to get new fork seals.
Initial rides reveal the suspension is bloody 'orrible :D. The back tries to launch you over the tank and the front might as well be connected by elastic for all the feel you get, not to mention the front brake.
I shall be spending some time trawling through the workshop section. I suspect the front end isn’t helped by no oil in the left leg due to the blown seal and probably no air either. Or are they all like that guv ?

Hi Yorky and welcome from across the (Tasman Sea) ditch!

Sounds a good project to launch with. Those screens are available as a pattern ( good ) from Wemoto in the UK if you have trouble getting them from Oz. Are the tyres good because I know from my own bike, that can really upset the handling as well as the things you mentioned.


Tyres are another little job on the list. Currently on BT45’s which I believe are the best ones ? Probably 1/2 worn, but, coming into our winter I’ d like fresh rubber anyway.
I’ ll put a fresh post up on the workshop section.