Greetings from Perth Australia


I’ve just purchased this lovely (not yet) 1985 VF1000F2. I had a VF500F2 as my first big bike 20 years ago. I plan to rebuild this old girl from the frame up (I don’t plan in stripping the motor yet), but I do plan on blasting and repainting the frame and bodywork. I’ve purchased new brake disks (MetalGear) and pads and new seals and pistons (brakes are seized).

I’m a mechanical engineer in my 40’s, so this is going to be a long term project. I’m planning on doing most of the work myself.

Next will be front suspension (I may need new stanchions or at least a rechrome) and a new shock. I’m planning on documenting the build.


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Welcome from the East side.

There is ALWAYS more to do than you planned but this looks like a good starting point.

Best of luck and look forward to the progress pics.

Hi Vanz, welcome from north east vic, lots to do but looks a good starting point, bit of shed time for you, enjoy!!!

I may have a set of useable fork legs, I am also in Perth.

Sweet. Let me know.