Grill for side cover

I was wondering if ANY of you people out there may have the plastic grill pieces that go in the holes on the side covers. I don’t know how the guy that I got the bike from DIDN’T have these things in there, seeing as how the rest of the bike is PERFECT.
The part numbers are:
83602-MB6-300 R/S
83603-MB6-300 L/S
It looks like I MAY have found a right side, but no joy on the left.
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Just got the e-mail that they DIDN’T have the right side grill that they supposedly had. So, no joy for either side. Hoping somebody out there has some they are willing to part with (for a price, of course).

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Try they are listing both sides in stock.Regards BIF

Sorry missed an N out try BIF

OK,there’s something seriously fucked up with that website. I CANNOT register to start an account. I fill out all the required areas (and I’ve been fucking with this stupid shit since last night…doing it over, and over, and over) and when I hit the “create an account and go to payment options” button…NOTHING! Button changes color momentarily and instantly goes to original color, and nothing else happens. Things things are STUPID expensive from these guy’s ($63.00!!! But it’s the shipping that’s big bucks. I guess because they’re sooo heavy), but I guess it don’t matter if I can’t order them anyway. They don’t seem to even have an e-mail address so that I could e-mail them to see WTF is going on.

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You could try phone them, details are here you should be ok with the language when I worked in Holland a lot of them spoke better English than the English, what was the shipping going to be for you? when I went through the system to post to the UK it was 21 Euros! the grills being 7 Euros each, I posted a mirror to th US last week and that was only 11 GBP Phil.
Ps, I thought I had a pair but have only found one so far.

Just a suggestion Chris,try moderating the language a bit,annoyed as you may be there truly is NO need

OK, well sorry about the language in my last post. I was in the middle of a brain blowout. Anyway, the grill’s are on their way here as I type this. [:D][:D][:D][:D] OH happy day! I finally got the registration thing figured out with cmsnl, and there was great happiness. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, I think the bike will even run better once these little grill pieces are installed in their rightful places on this piece of Japanese Moto History. [:)] Life is once again good and the balance of Nature has been restored.

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Call Me daft but Machines do have feelings[:)]
My VF was not that happy when I got it off ebay nealy two years ago,hardly surprising as the last owner left it out side in the rain.
As I slowly replaced all the wrong parts it just improved no end in leaps and bounds(check my latest picture)
Took a photo today and it just looks so much more like its smiling at me saying Thank Lloyd
Probably because its back in MotoGP Vogue again after 28 years[8D]

All is good in the world today! [:)] Modern technology is simply amazing, I order parts on Friday from the Netherlands and I have them in my dirty hands on Monday morning! Just the fact that something like the internet is around to give me all this sort of info right at my fingertips, to even find these parts is remarkable. Stupid little parts that don’t make any difference in how my bike works, but the bike is now approaching “perfection”. I polished up a few more bits & pieces yesterday and shortened up the rear fender I got off ebay (didn’t want to f’ up the perfect original one), so I’ll be posting some pics shortly! [:D]

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