GSXR750 Wheel conversion, which USD forks?

Hey guys, I’ve just picked up my first VF1000 F2 and was given some very tidy 08 gixxer wheels but k8 forks are 100mm too short. I see many people have done the wheel swaps before and there are various ways to space/mill and get a result but I really need advice on fitting USD forks. If I can work out which forks suit best then I can work out a plan to fit said sexy rims.
So my search’s haven’t turned up which USD forks are at least 830-860mm from the centre of the axle to the cap. Or at least gonna be compatible with the 17" wheels.
Could someone please give me this info???
The reason I ask is because I want the ride height to be sensible and the bike to have good handling and at the same time the asthetics of that gold front end.
Also, I know i could find this info too, but what’s a good and simple rear shock upgrade?

hi alwaats,
welcome to the forum, where are you based ?, i cant tell you anything exact as i havent done the usd front fork swap but, as far as i understand it the prefered forks are sp2, use the sp2 yoke, you will need to either extend the steering stem or have the vf one pressed in, then use a aftermarket top yoke with bar risers, fireblade front wheel,
It will lower the front end a fair way,
As far as a rear shock up grade, there isnt a straight bolt on upgrade from another bike, Wilbers do rear shocks for the f2f they are are pretty good.

Thanks Pete. I’m in Queensland, Australia.
I just bought this bike for $750 and I’m happy that it was a sweet deal. It has 52,000kms and most of the plastics are cracked or scratched but I’m planning on a naked build anyway.
What I do want (other than looks) is a good performing bike so no sacrifices just for looks. Hence I would like to keep the balance the bike was engineered with and just make a few changes that 30 years of technology can improve.
Cheers for the tip on the sp2 forks. I’ll look into these and how folks have adapted them in the past. I’d like to retain the ride height and angle unless someone knows from experience of a better performing setup.
I guess I could lower the rear to match the front if necessary but once again I’d like some first hand account of how it worked out.