Hi All,

Could anyone tell me if it is easy changing lenses on gauges or should i get an instrument guy to do it?
The VF i got from the wreckers has great gauges but the lenses are smokey and hard to see through.
my Tacho has a broken needle after hitting the cow and i would like to change them.


Very easy to disassemble. After you remove the 4 mounting nuts for the cluster and remove the cluster from the bike the assembly pulls right off the black plastic dash. Then to remove the lens you just remove the rubber mounts (just pull them off) that the mounting bolts went through and the lens comes off.
The gauges are held in with the screws that hold the wires on the back. The needles pop off with a little care and a screw driver. One tip is to wear plastic surgical gloves if you’re going to handle the gauges. The oils on your hand will gloss the paint and its very difficult to clean.

Thanks heaps WinDeX, you just saved me a couple bucks.