Happy New year to all!

Hope you all have a peaceful and reliable new year!

Same to you ascalon and all the vf1000 crew.

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Happy new year you all!

Happy New year Fred, been a long time since we last heard from you.

That’s true Pete, I’ve been busy at work and at home, alas! My V65 Sabre is still running great every day and shows 62 k miles on the clock. I’m not fond of the “new” forum that I feel like a bit messy and soulless… But I come lurking from time to time…

Hi Fred,good to hear from you again.
PAJ has worked wonders over the years keeping this Forum both free and available to all.Free however does not equal at no cost,this beast has to be hosted on a server the cost of which PAJ covers himself.
Change is always difficult but in this case it was necessary,we were constantly being spammed,and PAJ found the old platform was no longer being supported by updates to counter the threats.More and more of his time was being used up tracking confirming and deleting fake accounts.
It’s a shame that the new Forum is not to your liking but it is and will remain the free,available and valuable resource it has become for as long as its creator graces us with it.Regards Bif
ps I’m voting for PAJ as German Chancellor


Hi bif, I’m well aware that nothing is free and I’m gratefull to PAJ to take care of the forum but I must admit that I’m a bit on the conservative side…

Thanks BIF, I was considering going for German Chancellor, but to be honest, the lederhosen give me very sweaty bollocks…

If anyone has any suggestions to improve the site and forum I am always open to constructive criticism, there is a site feedback category you can post in.

Happy New Year to all, I hope you have a great year.

Peter aka (PAJ)