happy new year

I wish you a happy new year for 2014! :smiley:

wishing you a happy new year fred and all who have contributed to the forum over the last year or so, especially our Austrailian cousins who must feeling “cocka hoop” with there ashes victory… Bar-stewards >:( ;D ;D.

Anyway, anyone got any supa dupa plans for 2014, wondering if anyone fancies repeating the vf meet up again, maybe a little further down south this time, or is anyone brave enough to head for one of the continental vf meet’s… (that would be fun, wrong way round roundabouts) :o :o

all the best.

Now that I am back at work >:( I hope all here had a safe and happy Xmas and New Year!

I’m doing Le Mans Moto GP in May and will do “any where” down South, subject to weekends already booked!