Has anybody of you watched this?

What are your opinions on that?

I´ll keep calm until I hear the first of your statements…

Have fun with your bikes!

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Thats a pretty slick sales pitch for a bike which dosent know what year it is, wrong paint schemes, wrong fairings, 2 inches of the front fairing has been chopped off near front wheel, he quotes on the ebay add that the fibre glass fairings had shrunk :thinking:which meant the mounting holes needed moving… well, when you fit Rf fairings onto an Re frame youll soon discover the fairing mounts are different…:joy:
The R on the 1000R fairing decal is wrong…
If I’d spend £20k restoring that i would be severely disappointed :joy::joy:, i wish him well but i dont think he stands a cat in hells chance of achieving half of what hes asking


And a CBX1000 for £35,000!!
Ok - I’ll let mine go for the measly price of £25,000.:smile::smile:

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If you are going to demand Top Dollar for an immaculate original restoration of a Classic then the restoration must be immaculate and original. Schoolboy errors such as colour scheme / year anomalies will no doubt end up being expensive mistakes.

A collector willing to invest this kind of money is going to want nothing less than original. Shame they didn’t ask the experts here for advice!

Having said all that the Dutch R looks great to my amateur eyes - just not £17,500 great :joy:


Caveat emptor for sure with this bike.We are free to ask whatever for our bikes,what they sell for/if they sell, is another matter.


We have to be very glad. They claimed due to their blogs prices for CB1100R were going “meteoric”. Now they focus on VF1000R so the prices will increase :rofl:

Just watch for the screws of the rear light fairing cover (at 2:07) :roll_eyes

Maybe it’s a good job alternative as an expert for this company :innocent:


Hi ,Faxe,
funny, after my first quick view, I went back and looked again in the light of the comments from other forum members. It’s pretty serious bodging to cut the front off an RG fairing to fit an RE, or whatever they have done?
Banging on about perfecting the orange peel paint finish seems pretty insignificant compared to the bodgy stuff, the tail panel screws illustrate that point very well!


Those screws took a large chunk of the £20 000 restoration cost you know :grin:


2 inches of the front fairing has been chopped off near front wheel

Any idea why they would do that?

Think it to do with mounting Rf fairings on an Re frame, the lower mounts are in a slightly different place which pushes the lowere fairing more forward… maybe it touched the wheel at some point before they realised and moved the mounting hole, crazy thing is they say the moved the mounting holes on the lower fairing because the fiber glass had shrunk :open_mouth::thinking::joy::joy::joy:


How do you identify the RE frame? I only had RF and RG. Is it the usage as water pipe of the subframe?

I also know about cylinder head width.

Yes, both RE and FE have water circulation through the removeable section of the frame cradle.
This makes them easy to identify.

Also no mount to the cylinder head at the front.

I would think that it is a little bit pretentious of them to just assume that the price of the CB1100R went “meteoric” just because of their blogs etc. We have people on Australian E-Bay selling imported American bikes at inflated prices and claiming they are “all original”. :rage:


What annoys me the most, besides the obvious lack of expertise, is that somebody comes along, grabs the object of my passion and converts it into an object of investment.
"What? There is no demand? So let´s just create an artificial one! "
Why don´ t they just stick to shares! This is the kind of persons who really don´t care for the real aficionados, it is all about money!
I´ve seen myself always as a rider, and I always will be one. I am neither a collector nor a broker. These guys will probably earn more money than I do, I don´t care, I will always continue to stick to my passion.
By the way: This goes out to all you boat owners: Watch out, your fibreglass vessels are to become smaller!!


If the bits you can see are so obviously wrong and have been, shall we say, butchered/bodged, what have they done to the bits you can’t see?

From what I’ve seen in the video, I’d rather have my FF. At least I know what’s been done to it and what was wrong with it.

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I’m not native english speaker, so I don’t get everything …

I just read about their RZ 500. They claim it is very rare and RD 500 has tube steel frame. Here in germany there are RD 500 YVPS with alloy frame and look same as the RZ.

I think is just to make money on their own and “promise” everything to find buyers. Maybe they buy my 1000R for 10k? From what they saying it is a bargain :grin: I promise it is original 1986 one.