Head gaskets for VF1000RE help please

Help please.
I need a couple of head gaskets for a 1984 vf1000re, same gaskets as the vf1000f 1984 & 1985 apparently.
My usual go to parts (CMS, David Silver & genuine Honda) do not have these head gaskets.
I have seen some on ebay made by Athena, has anybody any experience of these?
Alternatively Wemoto say they can order some but there is no make, again I assume aftermarket rather than OE/OEM.
What would the experts recommend?

I’ve used the Athena complete sets for FF motors, no problems.
The FF sets are different because of the different size cam covers.

Excellent thanks for that, its very handy as that is all I can find

I have another question ref head gaskets, I have purchased the Athena gaskets.
Would folks recommend fitting the gaskets dry OR with an additional sealer?

Same question ref the water pipes in the V, I have purchased all new rubber seals but the old ones came off with a sealant of some kind as well?
Thanks for your help

I would fit the head gaskets dry. There is no need for sealant on them. As for the water pipe rubbers a little smear of rubber grease os all they should need to aid assembley.

I have found all the seals & gaskets I need for the cylinder head job except the water pipe seal item number 24 on the diagram below. It is part number 91315-MB6-003.
The seal is discontinued at Honda and I cannot find an alternate source.
Would anybody have one or know of a source I could use please?


Thanks for your help frew