Headlight not working

This is my first post thanks for letting me join.
I have just obtained a VF1000R 1985 I think! Its been in a shed since 2001 so a bit rusty in places. I had to free up the starter motor and replace the fuel pump solenoid and today I got it running. My problem is that yesterday the dual bulb headlight was working ok and then suddenly it stopped working. The fuse is ok so do you have any ideas what may be wrong please?

The twin headlight is controlled by a relay,sounds like it’s not pulling in

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Welcome to the forum Neil :grin:

Thanks for the info the relay was clicking but it wasn’t making the contact for the headlight. I jumpered it out and the light worked. I took the relay apart and it was a rusty mess. Do you know where I could get another relay please? Is there a similar bike that uses the same relay?

The F2F Boldor fitted with the same headlight uses the same relay as does the CBX750F2.
From memory there is one one on ebay from a boldor

Hi, as far as I know they are still available at cmsnl, I dont know if any other bike shares the same relay.

Many thanks for the information

Thanks Ill give that a try