Headlight types for the F1/FE - what is the difference?

I have two headlights from F1 bikes. I am wondering which one to use on my project bike. Do you have information about this headlight? I did not test it but it should have the euro cut off aswell even though the glass is a bit different

This headlight has different glass than other European headlights that I have.

Standard Euro looks like this


Hi Pablo, if this is any help the Aussie one I have looks like this :slight_smile:

Cheers Tony

Looks like Australian headlight is very similar to UK one. Thanks for info! I am wondering why that first headlight has some additional marks on the glass. I will try to test when I have some time to see what is the difference.

USA had DOT stamped on the glass and no angle on the cutoff which is very easy to spot.

The sole differences between the Aussie and UK variants are the speedo and odometer.

USA one would also be different because they drive on the right side of the road.

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