Headlights out


Has anyone any suggestions both low and hi beam are out I checked the fuses and tried different bulb. Someone told me there might be a relay but I don’t know where it is located or how to test it
84 VF1000


The supply for the headlight comes direct from the fusebox and then passes from the R/H switch (Off/Side/On) across to the L/H Switch (Hi/Lo) and then to the headlamp itself. There isn’t a relay in the circuit…

The Supply into R/H switch comes from the fusebox (fuse #1) through a blue/red wire. This wire passes through the fusebox connector and the switch connector, so there could be a faulty contact in either of them…

The wire between the switches is blue/white and again passes through both switch connectors, so those connections should be checked too…

The output from the L/H switch to the headlamp is via a white wire for the lo beam and a blue wire for the hi beam… The Headlamp earth is green…

A very “quick and dirty” check can be made by simply trying the “Pass” switch. This switches on the hi beam, but it uses the “signals” supply coming from Fuse #3 in the fuse box… If this works, then the likely culprits are the switches/connectors, not the bulb or it’s connections…

The wiring diagram can be found here: http://web.telia.com/~u42107551/interest.htm via the “wiring diagram” link…

Have fun…!

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The wiring diagram can now be found here: