Heads Up! "A Change Is Gonna Come"

They say that time flies when you’re having fun - well I must be having a BLAST 'cos this forum has been around now for 14 years and the time sure has flown by!

We’ve had a few updates over the years and we migrated to this forum software (SMF) 5 years ago. SMF is now showing it’s age, it’s not responsive - which means it doesn’t work well on mobile devices, it looks dated and we are still getting problems with spammers.

The whole concept of a forum is as they say very “last century” with the focus now more on discussions. Whilst we all love our old timers here and our 30 year old Hondas are still pulling strong - the same can’t be said for old technology… So, the time has come for another upgrade! ::slight_smile:

I am working on migrating the forum to a Discourse platform which will look like this https://try.discourse.org/

It’s running on cool new tech, and has lots of sparkly features to keep us chatting about our VF’s for the next century or so!

I will give you another heads up when I am ready to go live so you can be more prepared for the impending doom… 8)

Kind Regards


Just as well you are over next month,this dummy is going to need expert tuition.
14 years in and I’m just managing the forum lol
Good on ya mate for keeping this asset alive
Regards Bif

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This forum is great and I hope the change to the software only makes it even better. Cheers PAJ !

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Thanks PAJ, I guess there’s also the new Europe-wide data protection laws to incorporate ( GDPR) Please dont say “it doesnt effect us” because having sat in on a recent short educational discussion about this I pretty sure it will in some small ways. Our own CX-GL web site group is in the middle of a complete web site change and part of the remit to them is to cleanse any parts that might contrevene this new law. (Its a good thing btw)

I absolutely agree.:sunglasses:

WE ARE LIVE with the new discourse forum

going to hide in a dark corner now…

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Great stuff mate,it looks great and will be easier to post pics I’m sure(once I’ve had my tutorial.roll on the 19th)
Regards Bif

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Posting pictures is a BREEZE boss :slight_smile:

  • if the image is on your computer simply drag and drop it into the message reply box.
  • If the image is on another site simply paste the image url.
  • Simples.

There is also an app for mobile devices which will let you post photos directly from your dumb phone :slight_smile:

But don’t worry, I am looking forward to our tutorial session!

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Tutorial has been had and I think even I will find this easy now.
Just had the best weekend in a year spending time with the walking wonder that is PAJ.image
This pic was easy peasy using the upload button at the top of the box
This is Oscar and guess what he wants to do when he grows up?
Regards Bif