Hello everyone,

Hi there,I joined your forum on sat after i purchased a 1984 vf1000f with 20k on the clock that’s been stood in a shed for the last 7 yrs i got it for 350 pounds so i hope i done ok,i got it running today after putting some new plugs and oil in her fresh petrol and up she fired,this is my first watercooled resto as i normally go for inline fours,but i have know this bike and owner for 25 years so i knew it was looked after mechanically,anyway thanks for having me on here and i will prob be asking lots of questions as im going through this strip down and rebuild it looks scary with so many pipes think i will be busy with the camera,i will try get some pics up later,

Ok Guys here are a couple of pics of the vf1000f i got,
let me know what you think, www.flickr.com/photos/58865138@N08/9610942020/

Looks like a nice find.Enjoy! [:)]

Very nice indeed, have fun!

welcome in smitzer, will look as good as new when cleaned…

Hi Smitzer, looks like a nice time warp machine crying out for some TLC so it can once again plough up the highways and byways giving pleasure to its owner. If its as good as it seems, you robbed him !!

Well done.


Nice find! Love the XT500 pics too. If you can make the VF look as good as the XT, that will be one immaculate motorcycle!