Hello from a new member

Hello i have just joined this group, i do not own a VF1000 but i am helping a Friend to fully rebuild his 1985 VF1000 project bike, so will have may many questions as we go along

I do however own a few other classic Hondas, I have a 1982CB1100RC, A 1983 CB1100F a 1998 Honda Fireblade and currenty I am rebuilding a 1981 Honda CB900F, I have restored a few of my own bikes so may be able to pass on some useful restoration tips to help to others


Hi SC08
and welcome.

That’s a nice collection of old iron.

Ask away for the collected knowledge, there’s a lot’s about. (if not much with this relative newbie :slight_smile: )


Welcome SC08 There is already a lot of information and topics discussed on this site, concerning many of the more common and sometimes obscure problems found relating to all VF1000 models and variants! I found them very helpful when rebuilding my VF. Do a search on any particular problem you have before posting up a question is my advice!!

best of Luck to you and your friend

Welcome, that is a fantastic collection of bikes. Lucky man.