Hello from a newbie

Hello everyone. I am a 50 something bloke with more bikes in the unit than I actually know I have !
I ride daily and still manage to race. As for work I am an engineer and have full access to most things I need as I prefer to actually make stuff rather than buy it if at all possible. Apart from my engineering work I am setting up a business to run alongside engineering in hydro graphics.
Many years ago I raced a vf 1000 and did ok on it. Last week a vf 1000 came up for sale at reasonable price that needs a rebuild cosmetically but all the bits seemed to be there. Well you know how it goes a deal was reached and now I have yet another project !
I have been in bikes since I was in shorts and have a broad knowledge base so hopefully I can help others out on the forum as one way traffic is not how I like to work. Yes I am sure I will be asking some model specific questions but I am sure we all have other bikes where my knowledge will come in handy I hope.

Pictures to follow when I get chance.

Welcome, you will find answers here for almost any problem you may encounter with your VF.

welcome in jnj,

what part of the world do you and your vf come from.

Hello and welcome ;D ;D ;D

Hi Jnj, some time last year there were some pics posted on this forum of various people who’d raced the VF1K’s. Of course, Freddy Spencer was one of the most famous

I am based in Leicestershire, and yes I did hear of a young pretender called Spencer or something having a go at racing a VF lol :smiley: