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Hi All
Just joined the forum as I am now the proud owner of 2 VF1000F. Bought one off eBay a week ago and realised to my horror that it had F2 tail fairing and side panels even though the Vin was a VF1000FF. So went looking for the required parts and ended up with a second VF1000F that is complete (including original exhaust) but not running. Pick it up on Saturday. Will then work out of its repairable (my preference and I’ve been told it is electrical) or I make one good one from 2. See what happens. I also have a VF750F and a VFR750F to complete the VF family.

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Welcome to the forum,I’m sure you will find plenty of helpful tips and hints here.
The FF you have is as it should be like below
It differs quite markedly from the FE
The FF has an 18" front wheel rather than the 16" on the FE
The cylinder heads are wider and uses longer cams
The frame also had to be widened to accommodate the heads
The rear crossmember on the frame at the back of the seat is taller which causes problems when trying to switch to FE bodywork (but not impossible to overcome)
The front forks are 10mm longer and have different internals
The swingarm is longer by 1.5" and the footrest hangers are different as are the tail pipes on the exhaust.
The radiators are different and the thermostat housing is on opposite sides on the two models.
Apart from that and the change to a single ignition unit they are the same
There are a host of experienced owners more than happy to help with any questions or problems you have
Regards Bif

Thanks for that appreciated. I originally thought I had an FE with F2 bodywork on the rear. Now it seems I have the correct bodywork you’ve just saved me $500 in bits. I see the decal kit is very different as well. Any suggestions whe2re I can get a FF kit? The second bike I have bought is an FE (which is the one I really liked in the first place). Guess I’ll keep both for a while\

hi pkay,
if your looking for decals for the 1984 vf1000fe, cb decals in Canada will probably be your best bet, especially if your wanting original quality decals,
for the vf1000ff, you can buy a kit for the vf1000f2f and just loose the 2 bit off the end of the decal, this firm does them

they arnt original quality but the are pretty good, you can also buy them seperatly if you only need to replace odd ones.


Thanks for the tips.
The FE has some major electrical issues that will require the removal of the main loom and a repair. For some reason someone wired in a separate ignition switch to the normal key one and has made a general mess of the loom. Easily accessed so not too worried about that. Changed the coolant and the oil and no nasties evident there which is a start.

Sorry, missed this before now.

Welcome @pkay