Hello from Ireland

Just discovered this forum by chance. I have a 1986 VF500F2. I bought it in the UK in 2011. Cost me GBP2K but it was in really good condition. It’s become my favourite bike. I have done quite a lot to it including the CBR600 17 inch wheel conversion and recently I fitted a new set of 1984 32mm carbs I found on Ebay. If you were thinking of doing this, my advice is don’t bother. I can hardly notice the difference even after increasing the mains and the slow jets. Was fun though.

Welcome aboard!
You’ll see lots of the V4s here, i own several, and while i’ve yet to meet many of the group here i have met one or two.

The VF500F2 was a pretty decent bike as it was, quite hard to improve on too. I love mine, although she needs tidying up a bit, but then what 30+ year old bike doesn’t?

You’ll enjoy it here. Nice people, good advice, and a few laughs too.

welcome newbie

ask away 8)

OK. First question. Anyone got a corrosion and dent free red white and blue petrol tank they want to sell?
Tank to fit an 86 VF500F2F.
I bashed mine in when the bike rolled off the side stand and ended up propped against a steel pole.

I think you will struggle there.

Tanks are like rocking horse poo to find, although the VF400 tank also fits the 500, they have the same mountings, outlets, etc. That may help with your search.

A friend has been looking for one for over a year. It’s getting to the point i am going to have to attempt to repair his current tank.

Where in ireland are you by the way? I’m moving over there in 2019.

I moved over from the UK in 1992. Will be moving back to the the UK in 2027 if I don’t croak in the intervening.
I live in Limerick in the west bit.

There’s a RWB 86 tank for sale atm on Ebay. Doesn’t look too bad apart from a dent, and I would have bought it but I am trying to get mine repaired, so will see how that pans out first.

We’ll not be that far apart, i’m moving to Co Kerry. So you’ll have at least 8 more V4s to keep you company over there.


I’m just on the edge of Dublin. Give me a shout should you ever be about the big smoke.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen another VF1 on the road here :slight_smile: