Hello from spain

Hello everyone, my name is Francisco. I love V-engines whether they are 2 or 4-cylinder.
I have a Suzuki SV 1000 S and I would like you not to be alone in the garage and be accompanied by a VF 1000 F Interceptor as it is a model that I love.

I hope in this forum to learn a lot from the model that I like its virtues and its defects, especially how to improve its defects (grease problems with the camshafts).
And enjoy talking about what we like, bikes.

A greeting to all.

Welcome north or south ?

Hi and welcome. Ditto Windys question. We have “French Fred” who is an active member in the south of France so hopefully not too far from you. Fire away with questions and info - we’ll be happy to help. Any photos ?

P.S. I am also a V person ( Honda ) and belong to the CX owners club.

Hi guys.

Thanks for the welcome, I am in the center neither in the north nor in the south, I live in Madrid the capial of Spain.

I do not have photos since I still do not have the VF 1000 F, I want to restore a bultaco mercury that was given by a family friend and sell it. The idea is with that money of that sale to buy the VF 1000 F. I only have photos of the mercury (I have it completely dismantled) and my current bike a Suzuki SV 1000 S.

A greeting.

Francisco, at the Classic Bike show I was at last weekend, there was a beautiful OSSA which had been restored - very nice. There were also Bultaco road racing machines.
I will be in Noja ( east of Santander) in June for the MC Piston Cantabria rally. There will be 4 of us on bikes from a Norton 500 16H to an NC30 VFR400 !


Hello Marmite

I see that you like classic bikes, here is a lot of hobby with them in Spain, you and your friends have very nice bikes.

For reasons of work and distance (are many kilometers) I will not be able to attend that rally that you indicate me of Cantabria, but if you would be grateful that you put photos of the motorcycles of the event.

This past summer I stayed 7 days with my girlfriend in Cantabria and we liked it a lot the environment is beautiful, and if you go on a motorcycle you will enjoy it much more.

A greeting.

Thanks Francisco. I’m looking forward to it and especially the Picos National Park.